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Personalized Analytics

At EMS, we take the raw data from our clients' sites and turn it into meaningful results. We work closely with our users throughout our process to ensure that the analysis is relevant. We are committed to providing clean, in-depth datasets and speedy notification of all abnormalities.  Our data can easily be personalized to address clients' needs.


Safety and Operational Enhancements

EMS continuous monitoring of your pipeline, wellbore, or utility line operating conditions, will give your company additional reassurance of  unparalleled safety and operational efficiency.

Additional services for new pipe lines include confirmation of cement/grout curing, and in multiple pour situations, recalculation of grout volumes; minimizing costs.

The pipe cement volume is calculated to ensure pumping operations do not hydrostatically surpass the crush rating of the pipeline. Monitoring the pumping process with EMS fiber optic DTS shall ensure the grout placement is more accurate and thereby, achieving improved isolation. 


Improved Performance

Utility cable monitoring of distributed temperature sensing (DTS), utilizing our Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) calculation engine, allows power load optimization.   RTTR provides the necessary information to prevent overheating of the insulation and, consequently, avoid permanent thermal damage to the transmission cable.  Smart maintenance can also be achieved.

Meet the Team

Angela Vande, P.Eng.


Angela has successfully designed, and managed, multi-million dollar oil and gas development projects over the last 24 years. She engineered and supervised critical sour operations in environmentally sensitive areas, developed new technology for horizontal wells, and optimized underperforming wells as part of her experience portfolio. Her project challenges were both technical and conceptual, resulting in patented and published unique solutions, which minimize risk and maximize profits for clients. Additionally, Angela successfully designed and executed the world first fiber optic ACTive Stimulation. 


Randy Clark


Randy Clark obtained FInance and an Accounting degrees and has held management positions from Controller to Chief Financial Officer to President and CEO. He has over 40 years of executive experience in Oil & Gas as well as strong expertise in finance, cost management, organizational structure, marketing and sales. 

His work in management includes procurement and expenditure of $85 million for development of drilling, completion and tie-in operations.  

Other projects of note include a $50 million fund raise for a private oil company. 

Acting as CEO, Randy managed GPS survey offices in Alberta, Newfoundland, Texas, Louisiana, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia.   

Contact: 403-816-5591 

Dave Clark


Dave Clark, Founder of EMS, worked with fiber optics for multinational service companies.  Dave and his team pioneered fiber optic pipeline grout monitoring.

We remember Dave with fond memories and will forever miss his jovial attitude.   

About Us

We Provide Valuable, Unique Services

Environmental Assurance for regulatory and communities/stakeholders  

Dependable protection for our environment    

Faster event detection yields shorter cleanup and repair times      

Speed and efficiency remain unaffected by climate and weather patterns    

Recording and logging of events    

Improved event detection versus previous technologies    

Pre-monitoring for low instance of false alarms    

Reliable signaling and categorizing of integrity impedance      

Customizable display of output options on control room interface    

Trustworthy detection, analysis, and location of conditions of interest

Exciting Protection

EMS provides full unification of pipeline condition auditing that enables oil and gas pipelines to be monitored in real time using a single distribution observation system with no interruption

Versatile and Functional Product and Support


Experienced and Enthusiastic Technicians & Engineers are set up to Deliver their Expertise in a Smooth, Unimpeded Process

Full EMS support from Design and Preparation, through Installation, to Implementation and Commissioning of the line, as well as Ongoing Software Support and Pipeline Monitoring

Updates can be added to the Monitoring Period and Frequency


EMS Services


Use EMS acquired power cable data coupled with your ambient/transitive conditions…even soil temperature… and our algorithms  calculate conductor temperature every meter along your cable

Easily set alarms and pre-alarms triggered by conductor temperature as you see fit

Achieve visualization of temperature, and current data over distance and time (RTTR)

EMS provides full unification of pipeline condition auditing that enables oil and gas pipelines to be monitored in real time using a single distribution observation system with no interruption

  EMS identifies, displays and alarms damage-or leak-related incidents…including those caused by exterior interference as well as those brought on by age of infrastructure or abnormal wear        

EMS offers a fully integrated fiber optic system that follows the succession of hydrocarbon products inside the pipeline, and corresponding alerts of inconsistencies.  After recording the normal equilibrium of each line for a predetermined period of time, our EMS customized software can then implement all alerts for abnormal conditions and send them in real time. The data alert style is customizable for effectivity and convenience

EMS offers fiber optic & software systems which have capability to monitor up to 100 km of pipeline or utility line with a single application.    Multiple application set ups can be conjoined to cover virtually any lengths required; delivering uninterrupted monitoring audits with typically one meter accuracy       

The fibre optic interacts along its entire length at a molecular level.   The refraction of laser generated light waves are returned and measured in order to sense temperature fluctuations. The EMS software measures the optical backscatter signal.  Abnormal fluctuations trigger rapid alert of a potential event

Powered by solar, fuel cell, or direct wire, we can collect data on up to 100 km of fibre in each direction from the placement of the monitoring unit. 

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EMS is formed by Untouchable Technical Staff; World First Technology Development Engineer for Fibre Optic Completion Monitoring combined with the Canadian Fibre Optic Pipeline Implementation Supervisors. We have the most expertise, the collaboration to develop fit-for-purpose solutions and the creativity to have fun doing it! 


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